Tracing Holland (NSB #2) by Alyson Santos

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Moderate
Series: Book 2 of 2
POV: Dual 

Second chances are hard enough when you deserve them. Then there are the ones you don’t.

Callie asked if I was ready. And that’s the question, isn’t it? Ready for what? The spotlight? The music? Or ready for life. Ready to face the reality that what I was is going to attack the very fabric of who I am now. No one knows I’m a different person. Well, no one except the two most important people in my life, which is why there’s a remote chance I might actually pull off the comeback I never saw coming.

Then again, that was before Holland Drake crashed into my life. I didn’t ask for her. Heaven knows she didn’t ask for me. But sometimes it’s not about what makes sense; it’s about accepting that not everything will. It’s learning you have a choice when it feels like you don’t. It’s believing even the worst past can still have a future.

And sometimes it’s none of that. Sometimes it’s survival. A blind fight through the pain as you cling to any shred of hope you can find. And it’s those moments, those desperate pleas into the darkness for a flicker of light, when you have no choice but to confront the blessing that often feels like a curse:

You’re still alive. You’re still significant.

You’re once again Luke Craven, frontman for Night Shifts Black

♦♦♦ My Thoughts ♦♦♦

Tracing Holland is the sequel to Night Shifts Black.  I was not a big fan of NSB but I really loved Tracing Holland. You have to appreciate the complexity and depth of these characters. I loved the authenticity of Luke evolving from a selfish, cheating , drug abusing bad boy into a caring, selfless guy who buys a $8000 guitar for a music store clerk wanna be musician just because he can. And unlike its prequel, we finally we get romance in this book!
I loved Holland. She was such a fun h and instead of shying away, she called Luke out every time he tried to stick his head up his ass. Luke and Holland were great together and had amazing chemistry! I wish that there were more scenes with Luke and Holland performing together. I think playing on the fact that they were both talented musicians would have bumped up the hotness factor. I absolutely loved that all the technical music jargon was toned down in this book. That was such a pain in the first book. We also get glimpses of Callie and Casey who I actually really love now.
Overall this book was good. I really have nothing bad to say about it. I just felt like it was missing that something extra and I couldn’t give it 5 stars. But I would definitely recommend it, a good read.
4.5 Stars
Release Date: September 12, 2016
Length: 333 pages
Grab a copy: Amazon

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