Book Review- Act Your Age by Eve Dangerfield


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: HOT
POV: Dual

Just because Kate ‘Middleton’ McGrath, wants a man to call ‘daddy’ in bed doesn’t mean— 
Oh, you stopped reading. Cool. 
Kate gets it. Kinks aren’t for everyone. Hell, they’re probably not for Mr. Henderson, her grumpaholic boss. She really shouldn’t have crush on him, but the man is just so goddamn stern. Sure, a lot of that comes down to ‘being her boss,’ but still, it feels like there might be something there. 
Tyler Henderson is a golden boy who’s lost his shine. He’s old, his dream career is over, his fiancée’s left him. Now all the former firefighter can do is try and bury his troubles in paperwork and hard liquor. He says ‘try’ because he can’t get Middleton out of his head long enough to wallow properly. He’s not going anywhere near the girl. HR issues aside, he’s done with sweetness and things don’t come sweeter than a cupcake-baking engineer who knits her own hats. 
A case of mistaken identity causes Kate and Ty’s attraction to give way to blistering sex. They have more in common—and more to lose—than either of them realized. When it comes to unreasonable attraction you can rarely change your mind but can you act your age?

act your age3♦♦♦ My Thoughts ♦♦♦

Yowza! This was a hot read! I was a bit hesitant at first because the Daddy kink is not my forte. Like at all! Zero interest. However this book somehow pulled me in and made this weird kind of kink appealing. This I am starting to realize is an Eve Dangerfield specialty.

Middleton is very shy and sweet. She is also socially awkward and has difficulty making friends especially of the female variety. By just appearances you would never know she has a need for sexual kinky role playing. So Ty is quite surprised and intrigued with her when he accidentally finds out her sexual interest are quite similar to his.

I was very uncomfortable at first because Ty is almost twice her age which makes the Daddy role playing seem very taboo. However, that issue resolved very quickly for me. There was never any interest in incest or pedophilia for either of these characters. They were just two consenting adults who liked the role playing.

Ty was very closed off with his feelings because of betrayal in his past relationships. He tried to keep the relationship only about sex and he fought his feelings for Middleton. This obviously did not go over well but it forced Middleton to stand up for what she wanted and I loved seeing her character grow in this book. We see her developing relationships with new friends and also making her voice heard in her family where she also had some other issues.

As usual I love the sarcastic humor in this Aussie based book. Definite recommendation from me.

4 Stars

Pubication Date: September 27, 2017
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