Interracial Romance- Pepper Pace: 3 Book Reviews

So I just discovered Pepper Pace this year and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on. These books were published around 5 years ago but they were absolutely fantastic and in my opinion very underrated. So of course, I had to share on my blog and hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I have.



Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance
Heat Level: Moderate

So I just discovered Pepper Pace this year and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on. These books were published around 5 years ago but they were absolutely fantastic and in my opinion very underrated. So of course, I had to share on my blog and hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I have.

Pepper Pace’s interracial fairytale is the story of Beast; a Marine with a destroyed face and a plus sized beauty who has identity issues. A lesson learned is that beauty is not what is on the outside…In this romance that is taken from the Beauty and the Beasts’ fairytale, it will leave you questioning ‘who is the beauty and who is the beast?’

beast photo

Gah! What did I just read. Pepper Pace is easily becoming one of my favourite authors. The hero, Christopher, nicknamed Beast in this book has bilateral cleft lip and other craniofacial abnormalities that were not repaired properly when he was a boy and now he has a beastly face as a man. He isolates himself from society for the most part and is incredibly lonely, never thinking he has a chance at love and happiness.

The heroine Ashleigh also has a lot of insecurities as she is a big girl. The two meet in a gym and Christopher, despite having a scary face, has an amazing, other-worldly, put every other man to shame body. So he starts helping her to work out and their relationship kind of grows from there.

I loved Christopher. He was the perfect H. He was attentive, loving and showed pure adoration towards Ashleigh. He was like a big gentle giant. I love when apparently big, scary looking guys end up being the sweetest boyfriends. I also loved how Ashleigh was able to look past Christopher’s scarred face and loved him for who he was and she didn’t care about other people’s impression of him.

This book was amazing! I loved how Pepper Pace dealt with the challenges of their inter-racial romance.  I also enjoyed reading about these characters and different places they visited in Cincinnati where I lived for a few years. Overall this book just blew me away because I was just not expecting it to be such a good and unique story.

5 Stars

Publication Date: September 22, 2012

Length: 401 pages

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Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance
Heat Level: Mild

Juicy Robinson was the color of sweet black licorice, of a charcoal briquette soaked in lighter fluid and no one was going to make her feel like she wasn’t the sexiest thing around-not the white people that her mother had taught her to distrust and certainly not the homeless white man that has been watching her from the alley. This interracial love journey is the tale of Juicy who has spent much of her adolescence being bullied because of her dark skin and her weight, until circumstances forced her to stand up for herself. And Troy, whose mental illness forced him into the streets. Now, as an adult, Juicy has grown into a woman that is filled with anger and a distrust of whites instilled in her by her mother. After an altercation, Juicy finds herself rescued by an unlikely individual; a white, homeless man that she has thoughtlessly nick-named; ‘Mr. Cracker.’ After exploring mutual stereotypes and attempting to understand their differences, Juicy and Troy find themselves drawn to each other. Out of a sense of loneliness and true friendship the two outcasts finally find something deeper than friendship and their journey to self discovery begins.

juicy cover

Yet another great book by Pepper Pace. She definitely has a unique style of storytelling and there are definitely similar themes running through all her books. However it’s not monotonous, it is just the unique style that is Pepper Pace.

This story is about Juicy who is a beautiful overweight black woman who has ‘anger issues’. She falls in love with a white homeless man Troy who suffers from mental illness. This is despite the fact that she was brought up with her mother teaching her to hate all white people. They are the most unlikely couple but I loved them together. They both had their own insecurities but they looked past each others issues and brought out the best in each other.

It kind of unnerved me how Juicy handled certain situations. I felt like she was very unfair to Troy when they were experiencing problems. That was slightly annoying. I loved Troy though. He was so sweet and patient with Juicy. I loved how he took care of her including cooking and cleaning for her. I usually love alpha male characters and Troy is the absolute opposite of an alpha male but somehow his character grew on me.

This was another refreshing multicultural romance by Pepper Pace. Loved it!

4 Stars
Publication Date: March 7, 2012
Length: 392 pages
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Wheels of Steel: Book 1 (Wheels of Steel #1)


Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance
Heat Level: Mild
POV: Dual

Jason, better known as Top, is an up and coming DJ. He’s a white guy that knows more about Hip Hop than most and he also has cerebral palsy. His group Wheels of Steel is comprised of self-proclaimed misfits that are made cool by their talent. But despite his talent and popularity, Jason is plagued by issues of trust and anger.

Robin is a shy black girl that takes a job as his home healthcare aid. Her crippling nervous condition makes everything difficult for her, not just her bad tempered client with cerebral palsy, but also his close knit friends, and even her mother with her best intentions. Their saga takes them along a musical journey of self-discovery and love.

This three part interracial love story explores the spirit of love and acceptance between a person with an obvious disability—and someone whose disabilities are not always quite so obvious.

wheels cover

Wow! Ok this book was a breath of fresh air. This was such an unconventional love story that I was intrigued from the beginning. The hero of the story Jason has cerebral palsy and the author is unapologetic about showing us the challenges he faces everyday from being mostly wheelchair bound to having random seizures to gagging and choking on his food to needing help while performing bodily functions.

The heroine Robin who starts off as his aide was able to look past all of this and look beyond his illness and eventually as they spend more time together, they start to fall for each other.

It was a very sweet, very real story and the sexy scenes did not disappoint.  I would definitely recommend!

4 Stars
Publication Date: January 1, 2012
Length: 405 pages

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  1. Pepper Pace is one of my favorite authors. She writes the most interesting characters that otherwise wouldn’t receive the time of day by other authors. She so lovingly and with dignity shows that everyone deserves to love and be loved. I hope you read her other books…you will be glad you did.

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