Book Review: Blocked (Breakaway #2) by L.P. Dover


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Moderate
POV: Dual

He’s got every reason to be cocky . . . until a female cuts him down to size.

I’m Dallas Easton, the best goaltender in the league. I make a damn good living playing hockey, and with women falling at my feet wherever I go, why not enjoy it? I get whatever I want, whenever I want—that is, until I come across the one player who gets the best of me on the ice.

When I try to pummel the dude, all hell breaks loose. Imagine my surprise when the helmet comes off to reveal a woman underneath. And not just any woman, but the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. Callie Davis is the complete opposite of the puck bunnies I usually go for, a good girl with sick moves and a selfless streak a mile wide. I need to make amends, but she dodges me at every turn. It doesn’t help that Callie’s brother hates my guts, or that my agent thinks she’s bad for my career.

But I could care less what they think. I can’t let our little run-in on the ice be the end of our story. Because when I set my sights on something, I won’t rest until I score.

blocked cover

Blocked was a fun sports romance. I loved that I didn’t have to think too hard while I read this book. It was sexy and light and just what I needed.

Dallas is the goalkeeper for the Charlotte Strikers. I know absolutely nothing about hockey but I love just about any sports romance hero and Dallas was no exception. The storyline is not unique here. Dallas is the ultimate playboy with no desire to commit to any one woman until he meets Callie. Of course Callie is one of his teammates sister, so she knows better than to get involved with Dallas given his track record with women.

I loved seeing Dallas trying to prove himself to Callie and to show her that she was different. He had to work overtime to prove himself worthy to her brother as well. There is nothing better than seeing a cocky playboy humble himself to show his love for that special girl. Again, not a unique story but IT WORKS!

This book was a solid 4 stars till the end where there is the cheesiest, most cliche scene. I just couldn’t get over it and dropped the rating by 1/2 a star. Some people may actually love it and thinks it’s really sweet.

Overall a good sports romance. A nice quick read to escape real life.

ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

3.5 Stars

Publication Date: October 31, 2017
Length: 210 pages
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