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For this month’s challenge we have to read a Tear Jerker and I chose Don’t Be Afraid by C.A. Harms. I normally don’t go looking for these type of books. I love my HEAs and try to avoid anything sad. I saw that a few Goodreads friends loved this book that gave them a good ugly cry but ended on a somewhat happier note.



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Have you ever looked at someone and just knew,
knew that they were put in your life for a reason?
The one person that would be not only your best friend,
but would be your absolute everything?
That’s how I felt the first time I saw him.

That one day when a few little words changed our entire lives forever…

Don’t be Afraid, he said.
Life can change so quickly.
One moment you can be smiling and feeling as if you’re walking on clouds and the next, everything you love, everything you treasure crumbles at your feet.

I told him to fight, I told him I needed him.
We needed him.
But there are just some fights that can’t be won…

He was my angel then, and he’s still my angel now.
In a way, I believe he’s still looking out for us, giving us a future.
Sometimes it’s as if I can still feel his presence,
guiding us and keeping us safe.

So, I won’t be Afraid.
I’ll live. I’ll fight.
It’s what he would have wanted.

I’ll do it for him…


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Reading this book felt like someone took a hammer to my heart and shattered it into tiny little pieces. From the beginning of this book, the prologue sets the stage for the devastation that awaits this couple. I ached so much for Patrick and Sawyer. Their love was what most people only dreamed of and I cried for the unfairness of their fate.

“You’re my adventure.” I cupped his face in my hands and looked at him with all the intensity I felt. “Our life, our journey, it’s all my adventure.

Oh Patrick! I loved this man so much! He suffered so much and still his goal was to make sure Sawyer was taken care of. His love for her was so selfless. Towards the end of the book we learn just how much Patrick went through to ensure Sawyer was loved and cherished and I just completely lost it. This man stole my heart!

So let me confess, by about 30% into the book I had a gut feeling that the story was going to go a certain way. So yeah, I cheated and skipped to the end to see if I was right. I had to see if there was a HEA because I was just a complete mess. So I won’t spoil the story for you. I will say that there are many, many moments that you will need to bring out the tissues but the characters are able to find peace in the midst of their grief by the end of the book.

This is a heartbreakingly, beautiful love story that I highly recommend.

5 Stars
Contemporary Romance
POV: Multiple
Heat Level: Mild
HEA: Depends on how you look at it



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