Book Review | Rock Star’s Heart by Kella Campbell

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When a twist of fate throws university student Crys Murphy into an unexpected job on tour with a wildly successful rock band, her crush on the guitarist turns into powerful temptation. But there’s a dark side to the glamour and champagne: Blade has anger and addiction issues, a history of partying with groupies, and a tendency to get naked in public — and Crys is supposed to keep him out of trouble.
As she gets to know the talented and lonely man behind the bad boy behavior, the chemistry between them wavers on the edge of something deeper. But he doesn’t do relationships, and she grew up expecting a white-picket-fence future. Can he reform and open his heart to love? Will she give up her straitlaced upbringing for her troubled rock star?




This is the story of an innocent, naive girl making her way through the hard core life of rock and roll and putting her heart on the line for a bad boy rocker who she knows will probably break her heart.

Crys always thought she wanted to marry a sweet guy and live the white picket fence life. Then she gets a job offer as a babysitter/pretend girlfriend for Blade, a member of the world famous rocker band, Smidge. She basically needs to keep him from getting into trouble as his wild behaviour is giving the band some bad press.

Crys is immediately attracted to Blade. The rock star look is apparently a huge turn on for her, piercings, eyeliner and all. She gets caught up in all things Blade and starts to fall for him. She discovers quickly that Blade has a dark side as he struggles with his addiction and it’s not pretty. The issues of drug abuse are quite real and vivid in this book. Blade is a very flawed character. This is not your typical sweet hero.

For a while I struggled with liking Crys. She was very caught up in trying to please everyone. She was afraid to do or say anything if she thought it would make her look bad. The fact that she offered Blade sexual pleasure to distract him from using drugs was also quite demeaning and at times I felt she enabled his habit. I will say that by the end of the book she grew a backbone and I felt quite proud of her.

The chemistry with this couple was great and there is just the right amount of sexy times in this book. However, for most of the book I thought Blade was a jackass to Crys. There were moments of sweetness here and there and I know he was battling his own demons but I wished his character showed more remorse for his actions before they got their HEA.

Anyway, if you like the good girl falling for the bad boy rocker then give this story a try.

3 Stars
Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Light to Moderate
3rd person POV

*ARC Generously Provided in Exchange for an Honest Review


Kella Campbell can usually be found in Vancouver, Canada.
She writes mostly romance, because love and relationships are what she finds most interesting about life and in fiction. Even when she dips into other genres, her writing almost always has romantic/emotional/relationship elements.
Kella likes tea and dark chocolate and happily-ever-after endings.



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