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It was a tryst. A sin swallowed down by desire.That’s what I tell myself. But my body isn’t the only part that aches for him now.I sold my soul. Now my heart is a slave to the devil. Dominic King.He unveiled the taboo,
illuminating my lie and unexpectedly stole my heart.But I walked away.


Lust is my religion. She became my sanctuary. If it’s forgiveness she seeks the price just doubled. And she’ll pay it bound at my feet. I gave her pain for pleasure. Her truth. Now I’ll make her beg me for more.








Wow! Fans of Insta-Love, this one here is for you! I haven’t read a book where the characters connected so quickly in a long time. This was sexy and fast paced and I loved King. He was certainly alpha, a powerful man that many feared. There are hints of his darkness and talk of his

His first meet with Drew is in his sex club and it was lust at first sight. There are hints of BDSM and while they don’t really go there, this book was still HOT. These two connected not only physically but apparently also emotionally after only a few hours and things escalated very quickly!

I had issues with the inconsistency of both characters’ peronalities and sometimes the story didn’t seem to flow well and I was confused at times. However, overall I thought this was a good read. I loved the set up for the secondary characters and I would be interested to read their stories in the upcoming books.

3 Stars
Dark Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: HOT
POV: Dual

*ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review


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