Book Review | Love Unexpected by Q.B. Tyler

Release Date: August 12
I’d only wanted one kiss. 
One kiss, under the dark of night, in a city where no one knew us. 
One kiss fueled by my hormones and alcohol and the blinding grief over losing my mother.
One kiss from the man I told myself was untouchable. 
But, it didn’t stop at one kiss. 
And now we are running full speed down a road with no intention of stopping.
His touch disarms me. 
His kiss revives me. 
But, our love, could destroy me. 
*This is a taboo novel and is intended for mature audiences only. 


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Sexy and beautifully addicting! A forbidden age gap, stepfather/ stepdaughter romance that pushes the boundaries with a captivating story and loveable characters!

Let me be clear and just say there is no cheating in this book and both parties are at the age of consent. Having said that this book was still deliciously taboo especially when you add in the element that Dominic marrried Stassia’s mom when she was only ten. He became a father figure for her since Stassia’s father was MIA. Their transition into a romantic relationship was born out of shared grief and something neither of them was expecting.

This romance was wrong in so many ways yet it was so damn good!! At first both characters recognize that they shouldn’t be having feelings for each other. Dominic especially was experiencing some serious self loathing for his deviant thoughts about his setpdaughter. The attraction was so strong though! The sexual chemistry was insanely hot and the push/pull dynamics of this forbidden romance was just done extremely well! Their relationship was intoxicating and it made this book an absolute page turner.

As a romance reader I’ve obviously read many sex scenes but the scenes in this book have to get ALL THE STARS! They were wild, uninhibited and absolutely delectable with a filthy talking dominating hero that managed to be tender and sexually aggressive at the same time. Gah! I couldn’t get enough! Their intimacy also extends beyond the bedroom and their love for each other really was beautiful. The heartwarming emotional moments mixed with the earth shattering sexual encounters made for a seriously captivating romance.

My only critique for this book addresses the side story involving Stassia’s birth father. It added an element of angst/suspense but I felt like that aspect of the book was a bit rushed at the end and seemed a bit unrealistic. Regardless, I had no issues with the couple themselves and their evolving love story.

As a huge fan of taboo romances, I highly recommend this one!

4 Stars
Taboo Romance
POV: Dual
Heat Level: Hot
HEA: Yes

*ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review


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