Guarded Dreams_mockup1“Challenge accepted!” were the last words she expected him to utter, and now it’s a race to see who will back down first.

Dani Whittaker has turned in her Washington D.C. insider badge, leaving behind the backstabbing ways and seedy politicians. When a friendly favor ends with the one man she can’t have making her body sing in ways she hates to adore, D.C. isn’t the only thing she needs to escape.

Navy SEAL, Nash Wellesley, is all about honoring a promise to his dead brother, so accepting a dare from the long-legged force of nature tempting him isn’t in the cards. Not if he wants to keep his only remaining friend and stick to the code he grew up on.

But retreat is impossible after Dani’s new job puts her in the headlights of a fanatic, and Nash is called upon to protect her.

When the chase ends, will they be left shattered or will they emerge from the ashes together?








A brooding Navy SEAL hero and a strong, resilient heroine will captivate your heart in this beautiful romance!

Nash and Dani are both characters dealing with traumatic past experiences. Nash especially is struggling with PTSD from his SEAL missions and the loss of his best friend on their last operation. Guilt and unworthiness is a constant plague on Nash. It was a little heartbreaking to see him struggle with being able to accept a happy ending with Dani. In fact he comes off as a bit of an asshole at first trying to push her away. Those are my favorite kind of heroes though as long as they make up for it by the end.

There is quite a bit of mystery/ suspense surrounding Dani’s new job as a music PR manager which was actually one of my favorite parts of this book. Not just the intrigue of trying to figure out who was involved in trying to harm Dani but also seeing Nash take charge and become the overprotective hero we love so much. His SEAL training naturally brought out his dominance and his love for Dani made him even more determined to protect her at all costs. These moments made him even more hot and swoonworthy!

A certain turn of events leads Nash to bring Dani to his childhood home. Here we really get to know Nash more and understand how his family’s past has affected his current relationship dynamics. It’s also where we really see him and Dani really connect. I did feel that Nash’s relationship with Tristan (his best friend’s widow) was a bit odd. Nash feels responsible for Tristan and her daughter because he came home and Darren didn’t. There are no romantic feelings but he basically moved in with them to care for them. It was a tad weird to me and the fact that Dani thought their relationship was more was just an unnecessary complication. I was able to look past that though and focus on Dani and Nash. Their fantastic steam and chemistry with an intense emotional connection made for a gorgeous love story!

4 Stars
Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Moderate
POV: Dual
HEA: Yes

*ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review


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