book review | came back haunted (EIT #10) BY KARINA HALLE

CAME BACK HAUNTEDDex & Perry return in Book #10 of the Experiment in Terror series.

A lot can change in three years.
For Perry and Dex Foray, it’s been a step in the right direction, a step toward living a normal life. They’re happily married, they have their own media company, they’ve done what they can to leave their sordid and scary past behind them.
But something has changed recently.
Perry’s biological clock is ticking.
Her sister, Ada, is going down the same path she once did.
And the Thin Veil between the living and the dead has weakened, letting an old friend walk back into their lives.
Only he may not be who he seems, and he might not be alone.
Sometimes the past won’t let you go.
And it turns out those three years of peace and happiness for the Forays were just the calm before the storm.



EIT Reading Order

Darkhouse #1

Red Fox #2

The Benson #2.5

Dead Sky Morning #3

Lying Season #4

On Demon Wings #5

Old Blood #5.5

The Dex-Files #5.7

Into the Hollow #6

And With Madness Comes the Light #6.5

Come Alive #7

Ashes to Ashes #8

Dust to Dust #9

Ghosted # 9.5

Came Back Haunted #10

The only mandatory novella needed to follow the story is Ghosted but I think they all enhance the reading experience. Other novellas I felt gave some extra insight and I highly recommend are Old Blood and the Dex Files.




Amazing! Sexy! Angsty! A must read series for all romance readers!

“Maybe we knew each other in another life.”
“Like a past life?”
“Or a parallel one. All I know is that I have you in this one. I can only hope that all those other versions of myself are just as fucking lucky. They’d be nothing without you, baby.”

The EIT series is an older series that I binged in the last few months and became completely addicted. This book is a new release that continues to follow our couple Dex and Perry as they navigate the supernatural world and their lives as a couple.

Like the others, this book is creepy and gave me the chills but it wasn’t overtly scary. Dex and Perry venture into the world of paranormal investigators as they leave the EIT show behind. Haunted houses, ghosts, demons and witches make for another fast paced, high adrenaline, captivating read.

Dex and Perry together ignite so much passion and heat! We’re talking OTHERWORDLY sex in the literal sense! Gah! This book has one of the hottest sex scenes and the author takes us to whole new level that left me gaping and to be honest a little awestruck. I didn’t think Dex and Perry’s sex life could get any better.

The love these two have for each other was so poignant in this book with so many heartfelt and romanctic moments. Declan is seriously an absolute favorite hero for me this year! This guy is arrogantly sexy with swagger galore and hilariously inappropriate. He’s completely obsessed with Perry’s body and can’t get enough of her. Perry is not a small girl and the way he makes her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world absolutely melts my heart. His love for her has no boundaries and he’s proven it over and over again that he will sacrifice everything for her.

This series is abolutely phenomenal! The first few books start out as a slow burn romance and every book seems to be better than the next. I don’t read scary books but I LOVED these and if you’re looking for a sexy, angsty, edgy romance that will give you a little fright, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

5 Stars
Heat Level: HOT
POV: Heroine
HEA: Yes

*ARC generously provided in exchabge for an honest review


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